Scientific Service 

I am honored to having served as a referee for many journals. I always  try to make thoughtful, constructive suggestions -- much in the sense of the "Categorical Imperative". 

Contributions to popular press / Media Coverage

"Vom Schubsen und Stolpern" (published in Schweizer Monat, April 2019)
The article provides a popular coverage about the concept of nudging (in german)

"Mental Capabilities, Trading Styles and Asset Market Bubble: Theory and Experiment" (covered by Wall Street Journal, Sep 2016, SNF Horizonte (Dez 2016), SRF Tagesschau, Feb 2019)

"Faires Verfahren beim Zugang zu geschlossenen Märkten des Bundes" (study by mandate of SECO)

Refereed Journals (selection)

Econometrica, QJE, AER, AEJ Micro, TE, JEEA, RAND, IER, JET, Management Science, EER, Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Letters, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Mathematical Social Sciences, B.E. Journal in Theoretical Economics, German Economic Review, Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Asymmetries, Journal of Economics, Statistical Review, Theoretical Economics Letters 

Reviewer service to scientific communities 

Reviewer for the American Mathematical Society (Mathematical Reviews)

Israel Science Foundation

SIAF economics award  (Juror)