Research Contributions

Below you can find a  recency-sorted list of articles that I have written with the help of amazing coauthors.

Contact: [email protected]


Mental Capabilities, Trading Styles, and Asset Market Bubbles: Theory and Experiment (with S. Heinke and F. Schneider, 2024, conditionally accepted, The Economic Journal) (PDF

Preferences, Confusion and Competition (with S. Liu and A. Schmutzler, The Economic Journal, 2021)

Targeted Information and Limited Attention (with S. Liu, RAND Journal of Economics 51, 2020)

Supply function competition with asymmetric costs: Theory and Experiment (with Peiyao Shen, Economics Letters 178, 2019)

Limited Attention, Competition and Welfare (Journal of Economic Theory 178, 2018)

Does personalized information improve health plan choices when individuals are distracted? (with C. Kaufmann, T. Müller and S. Boes, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 149, 2018)

Equilibria in symmetric games: Theory and Applications (Theoretical Economics 12, 2017).

On the relationship between uniqueness and stability in sum-aggregative, symmetric and general differentiable games (Mathematical Social Sciences 80, 2016). 

Symmetric Stability in Symmetric Games (Theoretical Economics Letters 6, 2016) 

Spillovers in Sports Leagues with Promotion and Relegation (with H. Dietl, M. Grossmann, M. Lang, Scottish Journal of Political Economy 62, 2015)

A differentiable characterization of local contractions on Banach spaces, Fixed Point Theory and Applications 106,  2015.

On the economics of superabundant information and scarce attention (with S. Heinke), Economia 5, 2015. (PDF)

Papers in the Publication Process / Working Paper

Market Transparency and Competitiveness in a Multi-Unit Auction: An experimental Study (with P. Shen and R. Betz, 2021, revise and resubmit at European Economic Review) (PDF)

Competitive Attention, Superstars and the Long Tail (with J. Lareida, 2021) (PDF)

Igniting Deliberation in High-Stake Decisions: A Field Study (with P. Shen and Li King King, 2021) (PDF)

It is not all about Agent Heterogeneity: On the Determinants of Market Inequality (with Julian Teichgraber, 2021) (PDF)

Inequality effects in dynamic contests: Theory and Evidence (with M. Grossmann and P. Shen, 2021) (PDF)

Persuasion and Attention (with S. Liu) 

Digitized Choices: Price Filters and Monetary Competition for Attention (with J.Lareida) 

Attention and Performance (with E. Fehr and T. Mueller) 

When the Envious Chase the Lucky: The effects of Social Comparison on risk attitudes (with S. Vogt and Ch. Efferson)

Jumping to Conclusion or Waiting for Redemption? (with E. Matthewes and H. Herz)

Range or Penetration? Optimal Information Provision and Limited Attention

 Exploiting rational bliss points